Paul Perrotta

Paul Perrotta

Paul Perrotta Consulting

Information Experience Consultant

Paul Perrotta is consultant who works with technical communications organizations to find solutions in the areas of leadership, team building, operational excellence, and vision. He has thirty-two-plus years of experience in leading teams and in writing and maintaining large-scale high tech documentation. Paul has come to believe that the tools aren’t so important as company goals, organizational vision, and the people who make it all happen.

Paul most recently worked at Juniper Networks in an organization called Information Experience. As a Senior Director leading Solutions and Services, Paul worked with senior leaders to understand their needs and to help drive the Information Experience organization to meet those needs.

In his role as operations lead, Paul was responsible for managing a large budget and understanding how the company practices influenced how money, people, and projects moved around. Paul speaks at conferences about his experiences and knowledge. He regularly leads webinars produced by The Content Wrangler and recently emcee’d the Information Development World conference. He holds a B.S. in Technical Writing and Editing from Carnegie Mellon University.


Discussion: The Right Content For The Right Purpose

Paul Perrotta leads a discussion about how organizations are customizing and personalizing information experiences, providing the right content to the right person, at the right time, for the right purpose.

Discussion: Connecting Technical Communication Content to Customers

Paul Perrotta leads a discussion on the need to connect technical documentation to customers in innovative ways.