Barry Saiff

Barry Saiff

Saiff Solutions

Founder and President

Barry Saiff is a successful entrepreneur and a recognized expert in technical writing outsourcing and managing cross-cultural talent. After 26 years of developing software documentation for some of the largest US companies, he moved to the Philippines and founded Saiff Solutions in 2011. Today, Saiff Solutions employs several dozen full-time staff.

Barry is a technical communications industry thought leader, and a frequent speaker at conferences and on webinars hosted by The Content Wrangler on BrightTALK. He is the author of THE book on technical writing outsourcing: Outsourcing Technical Writing: A Primer, published by XML Press in October 2018.

Barry has 35 years of technical documentation experience and successfully served major corporations in the US, Japan, and Australia. He has 26 years of real-world involvement in the development of technical documentation for large US companies, including Oracle, Symantec, IBM, and GE. He has led writing teams at 7 companies and hired over 100 writers. He was a key leader in the transition to a unified content strategy at Symantec.

Barry has extensive experience in management, corporate leadership, writing, editing, software development processes, content management, localization facilitation, and the tools and technologies that support all of these functions. He has authored hundreds of guides, manuals, online help systems, information databases, articles, and books.


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