Steve Stegelin

Steve Stegelin


Information Architect and Team Manager

An information architect and team manager with Blackbaud's Strategic Content Development team, Steve Stegelin is an advocate for the role of content and user assistance in the overall UX, be it embedded within the UI, as part of a larger Help file, or elsewhere in the customer experience.

While the written word has its power, Steve also promotes the use of well-designed visual communication to provide engaging and memorable user assistance, which befits his after-hours side gig as an editorial cartoonist for South Carolina’s Charleston City Paper. Steve has previously presented at ConveyUX, GIANT, Intelligent Content Conference, Write The Docs, and WritersUA.


Graphic Content Warning: The Pros, The Cons, and The Alternatives to Screenshots

Information architect, Steve Stegelin, challenges us to think outside the screenshot for more engaging and meaningful visuals that can contribute to the conversation.

Discussion: The Science Behind the Content Decisions We Make

Odile Sullivan-Tarazi moderates a discussion with our expert presenters about the science behind the content decisions we make.


[Slide Deck] Graphic Content Warning: The Pros, the Cons, the Alternatives to Screenshots