Odile Sullivan-Tarazi

Odile Sullivan-Tarazi

Palimpsest Editing

Content Development Editor

Odile Sullivan-Tarazi is a developmental editor who works with a variety of organizations to improve the quality of their writing. With an interest in all things language, she draws from the insights of linguistics and rhetoric, the nuances of cognitive psychology and behavioral economics, and the latest thinking in neuroscience about how we attend to, and make sense of, the world. She’s read some lit in her time as well. 

Odile has been a managing editor for an arts and culture publication. She’s been a managing editor helping companies develop more extensive and engaging content. She’s worked as a developmental editor in tech and beyond. She’s also taught editing and writing and mentored novice editors and writers. 

Her work is steeped in the design of information for different purposes, for varied audiences, and in distinct contexts. 


Discussion: The Science Behind the Content Decisions We Make

Odile Sullivan-Tarazi moderates a discussion with our expert presenters about the science behind the content decisions we make.