Jeremy Lowell

Jeremy Lowell


Chief Operating Officer

Jeremy Lowell works with Docforce, a collaboration platform that enables Writing as a Service. Jeremy started his career in the military and was fully immersed in all training and field manuals. After that transitioned to an Operations Role at Google and was tasked with scaling teams and found the most imperative thing you can do is create documentation advocating for the user in the process. Jeremy now works with bringing this standard to the world through technology and connecting teams with the resources required to help users understand complex problems.


Staff Augmentation: How Technology Can Enable New Strategies for Content Development

Jeremy Lowell explores new strategies that allow technical documentation teams to use external resources to tackle mundane tasks so they can focus on higher priority work

Discussion: Communicating Business Value to Upper Management

DeAnn Wright asks our panel of experts to share practical approaches for communicating the business value of technical communication to upper management.


[Slide Deck] Staff Augmentation: How Technology Enables New Strategies for Content Development