Compassion Wins More Hearts than Empathy

Compassion Wins More Hearts than Empathy

When a customer runs into a problem and they look to us to solve it, they want to be heard, but more importantly they want you to care about helping them resolve it. Bring compassion to the forefront. Show them you understand and care about solving the issue in the best way possible. Be the hero.

In this session, mindfulness coach, Janet Fouts, helps you understand the difference between empathy and compassion and learn how being mindful can help you solve challenges for prospective and existing customers alike.

Attendees will learn: 

  • why compassion is better than empathy
  • to leverage the compassion test to discover whether you are in touch with the issues that matter
  • how compassion actually makes your job easier by bringing the truth into focus


Janet Fouts

Janet Fouts

Tatu Digital Media


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