[Half-Day Workshop] Creating Plain Language Content

[Half-Day Workshop] Creating Plain Language Content

Adults take fewer than 5 seconds to decide whether to dig into a website. They also have an attention span of about 8 seconds (less than a goldfish). And no one reads anymore. Why? Partially because we are so used to dense, wordy, overly complex content we just don’t bother even with content that is critical to our well-being.

When you write, do you know how tech-savvy your customers are? Are you sure they understand your content? How often are you uncertain about how much information to include? How much empathy do we show our customers by the clarity of our content? 

Join us in the highly interactive workshop to show you plain language methods of creating content that makes it easier for you to write and satisfies your customers. Plain language expert Deborah Bosley takes you through conversations, discussions, and practice, to help you make your content clearer, more efficient, and more effective.

After attending this workshop, you will:

  • improve the quality of your content 
  • make your customer experience delightful
  • understand what happens when content is too complex 
  • define plain language and care about using it
  • be able to make the business case for plain language 
  • know the differences between writing for print and for online reading 
  • analyze your audience(s), purpose(s), and context(s)
  • learn how to use the most important plain language strategies 

You will take with you:

  • a one-page checklist for plain language
  • educational materials
  • one month of free feedback via email



Deborah Bosley

Deborah Bosley

The Plain Language Group