[Half-Day Workshop] Using Science-Based Design in Technical Communication

[Half-Day Workshop] Using Science-Based Design in Technical Communication

Effective visual design is an essential component of effective technical communication, whether you are doing the design yourself or working with others. 

Technical communication typically includes an intense focus on written content, and writing and design are often separated to facilitate both production and mastery. In practice, however, content and design don’t exist separately – good design is critical to ensuring that information is easy to create, find, read, understand, and remember. It can elicit an immediate and positive visceral response that enhances both credibility and usability. 

There is a lot of mystery around what constitutes good design, and our response to design is often vague and couched in terms of emotion, opinion, superstition, and tradition. However, truly effective design and our response to it is actually based on science – the science of how we process visual information. In this half-day educational workshop, Tina Kister introduces you to the scientific principles of good design, and teaches you to objectively assess the quality and effectiveness of visual design. Attendees will learn tips for communicating about design in ways that enable success.

The workshop includes group critique, so bring examples – Together, we can figure out why you love it or hate it, and what to do about it.

The primary takeaways are:

  • content and design are inseparable
  • our response to design is based on how we process visual information
  • it is possible to objectively assess the effectiveness of visual design and make actionable recommendations for improvement


Tina Kister

Tina Kister

Nanatoo Communications


[PDF] The Science of Good Page Design