easyDITA is a DITA Component Content Management System (CCMS) that makes it easy to create, manage, and publish your content. The easyDITA platform is designed to facilitate every step of the process for documentation, policies, procedures, and regulatory compliance. easyDITA can improve the ways you leverage the value of technical information in measurable ways.



Intelligent Help System

Content Interoperability

Driving a New Business Model with XML

Collaboration Accelerates Documentation Releases

Transitioning to Structured Content

Building a New Documentation System


Quick Video Lesson: What is a Single-Source of Truth?

We need to think differently about how we manage and deliver our content to those who need it. In this quick video lesson, brought to you by easyDITA and The Content Wrangler, you learn why a single source of truth can help us expand our content capabilities.

Quick Video Lesson: What Makes a CCMS Unique?

Learn what a component content management system is, why you might need one, and what capabilities it can provide you in this quick video lesson, brought to you by easyDITA and The Content Wrangler.